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IPIG Profile for the ISO ILL Protocol

The latest version of the Profile, Version 3.1, is available in the following formats:

The latest substantive version of the Profile, Version 3.0, was released 11 July 2002.

Version 3.1 adds a header indicating that this is the Internationally Registered Profile 01 for ISO 10160:1997 and 10161-1:1997.

Changes made in Version 3 include the integration of the changes identified in Amendments 1-6 and Defect Reports 1-5 and the update of references to the IPIG Guidelines for Implementors of the IPIG Profile, version 2.0 and to other online resources.

The Profile records the common set of decisions, options and values agreed upon by members of the ILL Protocol Implementors Group.

This profile was approved 4 August 1999 by IPIG. With this approval, this profile is recognized as an Internationally Registered Profile (IRP). Version 1.0 was published 15 September 1999. Version 2.0 of the Profile was released 10 April 2001.

IPIG Profile Conformance Statement Requirements List (Proforma)

Implementors, separate files of Appendix A of the Profile are provided as proforma to be used to prepare a Static Conformance Statement, stating your application's conformance to the IPIG Profile for the ISO ILL Protocol.

When preparing a Conformance Statement, insert your responses in the spaces supplied in the proforma. Add notes on how the implementation uses a specified parameter in the column "References, Usage or Range of Values" and replace the "specified implementor" and "specified implementation" on page A1 and in the header of the document with names of your corporate institution and application. But not omit any portion of the form provided.

IPIG Guidelines for Implementors of the IPIG Profile

The Guidelines are companion documentation to the ILL Protocol Implementors Group (IPIG) Profile for the ILL Protocol. The Guidelines are intended to provide background information for the developers of Interlibrary Loan management systems with implementations conforming to the IPIG Profile, to be used to establish procedures within interlending communities, for achieving greater levels of intersystem communications.

The latest version of the Guidelines, Version 2.1, dated 4 October 2002, includes some typographic changes, but is substantially the same as Version 2.0, released 11 July 2002.

Version 2.0 replaced IPIG Guidelines, Version 1.0 , published 11 April 2001.

This site provides access to the most current version of the Guidelines:

Conformance Statements

Unless otherwise specified, these conformance statements are based on Version 2.0 of the IPIG Profile.

Auto-Graphics, Inc.

AGent Advanced "Open System" ISO ILL:

British Library


Fretwell Downing Informatics

VDX 2.3 :

Library and Archives Canada



OCLC ILL Central System:


ILL Manager, Release 1.1:

The Library Corporation

Library.Request 3.0:

Implementation Test Beds

To submit new or revised announcements of ILL protocol implementation test beds available for testing, use the Data Entry Form for ILL Protocol Implementation Test Beds.

Statements of Interoperability

Statements on file at ILL ASMA:
To prepare a Statement of Interoperability, use the proforma Statement of Interoperability

Instructions on the use of this proforma are available at

Object Identifiers

Register of Public OIDs for ISO 10161.

Registry of Z39.50 Object Identifiers lists OIDs for Record Syntaxes fot MARC formats.

Register of Identifiers Assigned to ILL Protocol Implementors. registers namespaces for use as identifier of name authority, etc.

IANA Assignments: Media Types

Supporting Documentation Available Online:

Amendments to the ISO Standard

ISO 10161-1: 1997 /DAM 1, Information and Documentation -- Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification -- Amendment 1: Support for Use of Object Identifier in "identifier" Parameter of the Extension Data Type.

Use of Supporting Services

STD 10, RFC 821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

  • RFC 2045 Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies.
  • RFC 2046 Part Two: Media Types.
  • RFC 2047 Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text.
  • RFC 2048 Part Four: Registration Procedures.
  • RFC 2049 Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples.

RFC 2231 MIME Parameter Value and Encoded Word Extensions: Character Sets, Languages, and Continuations.

RFC 2503 MIME Types for Use with the ISO ILL Protocol.

Security Control

Z39.50 Part 4, Page 3 Z39.50 Appendix 7 ACC contains details on Prompt-1 Access Control Format.

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