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Unconventional therapies for cancer

A task force of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative has reviewed available information on Essiac, green tea, Iscador, hydrazine sulfate, vitamins A, C and E, and 714-X. The findings summarized in each article will provide physicians and patients with reliable information in this area. Accompanying the series is a general patient-information piece designed to assist people who are considering unconventional therapies and to promote open communication between patients and providers.

Unconventional therapies for cancer:
  1. Essiac (vol. 158, no. 7)
  2. Green tea (vol. 158, no. 8)
  3. Iscador (vol. 158, no. 9)
  4. Hydrazine sulfate (vol. 158, no. 10)
  5. Vitamins A, C and E (vol. 158, no. 11)
  6. 714-X (vol. 158, no. 12)
A patient's guide to choosing unconventional therapies (vol. 158, no. 9)