Z39.50 Archives at NLC

This page provides public access to archived documents relating to Z39.50 prepared by National Library of Canada staff. Links are provided to up-to-date documentation which supercedes these documents.

Last Update: 2003/03/18


Please note: The National Library of Canada has made no updates to the Z39.50 kernel software they developed with Software Kinetics, CanSearch, since 1994, and NLC's public ftp site on which the software was available was taken down in 1998. However, the software had been archived in the Finish archives, Funet, and was still available as of 19 March 2003.


Z39.50: The Basics. Presentation screens. 1997. [Adobe Acrobat version: 30K]


Please note, that with the publication of version 1.0 of the Z39.50 Holdings Schema in December 1999, this and other background documents prepared during the development of this schema have been archived.

The most up-to-date version of Z39.50 Holdings Schema is listed in the Schemas table at http://lcweb.loc.gov/z3950/agency/defns/oids.html#13

Use of Z39.50 to access distributed union catalogues : Discussion Paper / J. Zeeman, CGI Ottawa, F. Turner, NLC. 2 April 1997.

Use of Z39.50 to Access Distributed Union Catalogues : Summary of ZIG Discussions / Prepared by Fay Turner, National Library of Canada. (April 7-9, 1997 meeting)

Report on Z39.50 and Holdings Meeting, June 18, 1997, National Library of Canada. Prepared by Fay Turner, National Library of Canada. Revised 1997-07-07.

Holdings Retrieval using GRS-1 and OPAC. (DRA Information. 8/15/97)

First Phase of OPAC/Holdings Proposal (Copenhagen Proposal) September 12, 1997. Prepared by Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress.

Scenarios for the Application of the OPAC/Holdings Proposal. Draft 1. Prepared by J.C. Zeeman. October 28, 1997.

OPAC/Holdings Profile 1: Profile for retrieving detailed library holdings in a bibliographic environment. Draft 1 January 15, 1998.

OPAC/Holdings Schema, Definitions and Examples. (First draft -- May 26, 1998)

Keyword Searching

Z39.50 Keyword Searching of Bibliographic Systems: A Discussion Paper / Prepared by Fay Turner, National Library of Canada and Joe Zeeman, CGI. May 14, 1998. Revised June 30, 1998.

Pending Implementors Agreement: Z39.50 Keyword Searching of Bibliographic Systems. Draft 2, June 29, 1998.

Access to other superceded documents is available via the Z39.50 ARCHIVE maintained by the Z39.50 International Standard Maintenance Agency.