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Bibliographic and authority records are presented in MARC 21, SUTRS and the GRS formats. Holdings from over 500 Canadian contributing libraries are described according to the MARC Holdings Format and are presented as AMICUS summary holdings.

For detailed configuration information, consult the Z39.50 Guide.

Record Syntaxes Supported

  • AMICUS supports MARC 21 (formerly USMARC and CanMARC).
  • If no Preferred Record Syntax is supplied, AMICUS defaults to MARC 21 to support the widest range of Z39.50 clients.
  • For best performance, limit the present Requests to 20 records at a time. Larger values are permitted, however, response time may suffer.
  • When requesting a SUTRS or GRS-1 record, AMICUS presents a record similar to MARC in the appropriate format.
Value Description
10 MARC21 (formerly USMARC)
13 MARC21 (formerly CANMARC)
101 SUTRS -Simple Unstructured Text Record Syntax, for plain text records
105 GRS-1 - Generic Record Syntax; unstructured multi-purpose record syntax

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